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A Web Based Solution for Tracking Kenyan TVET Graduates

The TVET Versatile Database System is an a application meant to capture user data. The system consists of four users: Institutions, Employers, Graduates and the Ministry of Education. All the four users can interact with one another and exchange information.


The TVET Institution requests for a user account to the Ministry. The Ministry approves after verification and sends login credentials to the Institution. The Institution logs in and adds graduates. Besides, the Instituion can view graduate Academic and Emplyment records.


The TVET Employer requests for a user account in the System. Once Logged in, the Employer can view Graduate information. However, the Employer must register company with the Ministry to enable him advertise jobs, shortlist appplicants and call applicants for interview.


The TVET Graduate does not apply for user account directly but obtains one after being uploaded by the Institution. Once the Ministry approves the request, the Graduate is sent feedback via Email & SMS notifications containing log in credentials. The Graduate can update records, view and apply for jobs.